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    What's News > Bergdorf Goodman Pieces Rock!
    Bergdorf Goodman Pieces Rock!
    - 10/10/2006
    The Bergdorf Goodman event has ended and the pieces are wonderful. The Let's Decorate is dark blue decorated in a motif similar to Milaegers and Halls, except that the crystals on the ornaments have a floral motif - no painted flowers but the crystals are arranged to form blossoms. The Painterly is in the lemon motif that was first introduced with the Catz Tea Time Santa. The Once AGAIN for James - yes, we've all been calling it by the wrong name - is silver! Think of the 1999 silver Chameleon from Gumps. It sparkles like 4th of July fireworks. The Tea Time Santa is decorated in a pink and fuchsia chinoiserie motif - the fuchsia crystals on Santa's hat and cuffs are gorgeous. The Let's Paint is green.

    There were four exclusives. A Swing Time, in pink/fuchsia chinoiserie, pearl background with fuchsia/pink designs. A Frosty Angel with a purple and lavender scarf. A Studio Colours called Silouhette, that looks like the BG frieze that is part of the BG logo. And, last but not least, a Mini Redoute Santa with bejeweled flowers. They were all winners!

    Each attendee was able to choose two event pieces in the first 'round' of selections, and one of the exclusives and the Redoute. The second round, which started with the highest numbers, allowed attendees to pick the remaining two event pieces and one more of the exclusives. Most attendees were able to get what they wanted, although IOU's were abundant. There were stacks of cards for each event piece, some with SKU's and some without. They were all in the stacks in random order. So, when you approached your pick you could see which would be IOUs and which were available for purchase. The good news was that having a high number didn't mean that you went home with all IOU's.

    Steve will post his blog when he can catch his breath before continuing on to Connecticut for the HCB event. The pictures will go up as soon as we can edit them. Please be patient.......
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