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    What's News > Milaeger's Event News for Saturday
    Milaeger's Event News for Saturday
    - 09/29/2006

    Join us for the Wagon Trail Breen Breakfast Saturday morning at our Sturtevant store (8717 Hwy 11, Sturtevant) at 8:30am. Get yer mornin? coffee, juice, and fresh baked vittles for a Giddy-up and Go breakfast. Free Patricia Breen Portfolio of your choice, (2007 or earlier) with Breen ornament purchase of $50 or more?limit one portfolio. Free surprise ornament gift with purchase of four or more ornaments. A Special variant ornament tree with opportunity for one purchase for every attendee will be available, while quantities last. Numbers will be handed out at 8:15am on a first come, first served basis.

    At the Racine store you may register in the atrium anytime after 10am. You will draw a random number which will determine your place in line for ornament selection and for the signing. Each number that is drawn will be handed back to a Milaeger employee at the registration table; your number will be recorded next to your name on the check-in sheet and written on your name tag. Your registration envelope will contain: 1) Ticket for the day?s activities (to be used as your door prize drawing slip); 2) 2007 Order Form; 3) Shipping Forms (if you choose to have your pieces shipped to you); 4) Redemption ticket for Let?s Paint (gift from the studio); 5) 2006 Official Drawing Card for Event garland prize; 6)Store Discount Coupons 7) Name tag and ticket for the Wild Wild West Night. You will also receive the gift ornament, from Milaeger?s (included with ticket purchase of $175) at registration.

    We have coordinated the distribution of event ornaments around Patricia?s guidelines. At 11:00 we will ask those attendees with numbers 1-30 to line up to make their first selections of Event ornaments.

    At the Ornament Selection Table located in the greenhouse attached to our gift store, you will decide which event pieces and event colorways you would like to purchase. You may view samples of all of the special ornaments in the Breen showcase of existing products. Every attendee is guaranteed the opportunity to purchase one of each of the event pieces and two of the five event colorways. Vouchers for each ornament selected will be handed out. You will have two opportunities to make your selections. One style of ornament per customer is permitted.

    Table 1 contains samples and vouchers for the four event pieces and five colorways. At each visit choose one event piece from group A, one event piece from group B and one event colorway. On your second visit you will be able to select the other two event pieces and one additional event colorway.

    Group A: Event Piece I Group B: Event Piece III
    Event Piece II Event Piece IV

    Example 1st Visit: Event Piece II, Event Piece III, Event Colorway I
    2nd Visit: Event Piece I, Event Piece IV, Event Colorway V

    Once you have made your selections, hand in your vouchers at Table 2, located in the greenhouse attached to our gift store. If you received a Purchase Voucher, you will receive the ornament. If you received a Promise Voucher for a piece and would like to order this piece for later delivery, fill out the voucher and hand the voucher in at this table.

    There are two things to do at the Drawing Table. First, drop your daytime event ticket into the drawing box marked ?door prizes? in order to be eligible for the gifts from Milaeger?s and Patricia. Second, drop your 2006 Official Drawing Card in the box marked ?Event Garland?. Door prizes will be drawn throughout the event, beginning around 12:00pm. You must be present to win. We ask that while in our store, you do not break the ?door prize? seal on your door prize container.

    Around 12:00pm, we will start serving Tombstone Pizza, Magnificent Seven Salad, and Hoss?s favorite, Cowpoke Brownies in our attached greenhouse behind the store. Don?t forget to rustle up your appetite for Buffalo Dan?s Rodeo Malts.

    The signing is scheduled to begin at 1:00pm. Patricia will sign one ornament for you that you purchase at the signing. When the signing begins, the first ten numbers will be called. Your number in the signing line is the number that was drawn at registration. Subsequent groups of ten numbers will be announced as the signing progresses. Give your redemption ticket to Patricia?s assistant to receive your ?Gift from the Studio?.

    Photography of the 2007 prototypes is strictly prohibited. When your order form has been filled out, please hand it to our staff member located in this area. You will draw a number, which will determine the order in which your 2007 order is filled. Our staff member will affix your number to your order form. All orders placed at the event will be filled completely.

    No items are paid for until you are ready to take them to your car. Purchases that are paid must be taken out of the store. We are happy to ship your purchases to you. Shipping is just 5%, and since you pay no tax if your order is shipped out of state, it?s a good bargain to have your purchases shipped. Included in your registration bag are several ?shipping forms? which can be filled out prior to checking out your items.

    Put on yer cowboy/cowgirl/injun duds and join us for a fun-filled rodeo night in our OK Corral greenhouse located just south of the store. The greenhouse will be on your left as you face the front of the store. You may park directly in front of the greenhouse. The entrance is at the extreme north (right) corner of the greenhouse. Quench your thirst at the Long Branch Saloon, where the drinks are on the house starting at 6:00pm. Our galloping gourmet, Chef Jack?s staff, will hand pass some might purdy fixin?s. The chuck wagon sit-down dinner will be served at 7:00pm.

    We?ll have special activities, such as Cowboy Trivia, Pony Races, a Shooting Gallery, door prizes and more. Decorate your cowboy hat, cuz there?s somethin? mighty special for the best hat and for the best costume. So, come ?Dressed for the West?, as your favorite character.

    Remember to bring your name tag and ticket (which will be used as your door prize drawing slip) for the Wild Wild West Night.
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