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    What's News > Milaeger's
    - 11/19/2011
    Dear Collectors,

    Milaeger’s is elated to announce our new collection of Patricia Breen exclusives! We have four ornaments that are featured in our favorite color, aquamarine! The ornaments can be viewed on Patricia Breen’s website:

    The Snow Saucer in aquamarine has our favorite snowman holding onto his saucer with glittered mittens, embellished glittered trim, and a gorgeous striped scarf with crystal embellishment. This ornament is 2.36 inches tall and retails for $88.

    The Care Package Santa has an elaborate aquamarine chinoiserie coat with crystal detailed trim. His boots are a beautiful rich aqua that matches the present he carries on his back. He stands at 3.5 inches tall and retails for $140.

    The Objet du Noel features a detailed snowman with a striped scarf and glitter trimmed coat. The treillage pattern on the orb has an exquisite band of aquamarine with festive snowman circling the orb. This ornament is 3 inches tall and retails for $180.

    Our final ornament is I Read Them All Santa who boasts a breathtaking aquamarine chinoiserie coat. Note the special detail on his scroll: a greenhouse setting with poinsettias at their finest - a perfect choice for Milaeger’s since we grow over 20,000 poinsettias! This grand Santa is 5.91 inches tall and retails for $225.

    These extremely limited edition pieces are available only to collectors who have placed a 2011 order with Milaeger’s. We will start taking names immediately. You may email me or call no later than Sunday, November 27th at 5:00pm. When you submit your request, please let me know which ornament or ornaments you would like. At that point, we will determine if we need to conduct a lottery and how the lottery will be handled based on the demand for each ornament. We want to ensure that everyone who is interested will be able to receive at least one ornament.

    Important note: If you do not receive a confirmation that your name has been submitted within 24 hours, that means I did not receive your request. We kindly ask for you to resubmit.

    Ornamentally yours,
    Kara Kading
    (800)669–1229 ext 101
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