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    Donations Needed!
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    What's News > JustBreen Donation Drive for 2011
    JustBreen Donation Drive for 2011
    - 10/21/2011
    Dear JustBreen Members:

    Sixteen months ago we had a fund raising drive for JustBreen donations. Once
    again the Elves are asking for your help. JustBreen is run solely by donations
    from the Elves, our members and retail members. All of the Elves and website
    creator, Jeff receive no compensation from JustBreen. All of the labor, images
    and text are totally donated for our member’s use and appreciation. Jeff has
    placed us on our own server that will be able to handle the huge number of
    images contained within JustBreen but this comes with the cost of $ 169.00 per

    Our fund will be running low shortly and we're contacting our JustBreen members
    to remind them that JustBreen is fully dependent on their donations. Since
    GlitterChat is an offshoot of the JustBreen site and most of our members
    belong to JustBreen, we're posting information to GlitterChat as well.
    If the JustBreen fund runs out, JustBreen will go away !!!

    The link below will take to you to the JustBreen page that explains our
    funding situation.

    If you click on the orange 'PayPal Donate' button it will allow you to make your
    donation through Paypal directly to JustBreen. Donations can also be made by check if you are not a Paypal member. Email us at to get the mailing
    address for check or cash donations.

    We are very grateful that so many of you have donated in the past. We are
    also grateful to those of you who have noticed that the fund is dwindling
    and have recently donated. We are hopeful that those of you who haven't
    donated before, will do so this year, so that the financial burden is
    shared by all members. Donations can be made at anytime, and in any
    amount. We know that some of you like to donate quarterly or monthly, while
    others prefer to donate once a year. The timing and amount is up to you.
    We hope that all of you will ask yourself how much you value JustBreen and
    donate accordingly.

    If you recently paid $6 for the GlitterChat membership, none of that goes to
    JustBreen. They are totally separate entities.

    If you have questions, please email us privately at
    Thanks in advance for all your support.

    The Elves
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