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    What's News > Watch JustBreen Change and Grow !!!
    Watch JustBreen Change and Grow !!!
    - 04/29/2006
    Have you noticed that JustBreen has been changing, if you haven't let us point them out to you.

    First, from the Home Page, the "Search" is in a new location. It's right above the JustBreen logo. This take no explanation. Directly to the right is the "Advanced Search". Click on that and it will bring up the advanced way to search plus descriptions on how to use them. This should be very easy to follow and make all your ornament searches quick to find.

    In the "Find a Retailer Section" area there's a big change. The Elves wanted the JustBreen Members to be able to meet and see the retailers that you purchase your Breen Ornaments from. So please meet our first retailer, (test subject) Peachtree Place. Click on "Find a Retailer" and scroll down to Peachtree Place and click on it. You'll not only find Peachtree information and link to their web site but pictures of the store, Breen Ornaments, the Owner of Peachtree; Lucy Callahan, the Breen Consultant; Pam Rudman, and the store Manager; Erin Kelly.

    After you've viewed Peachtree's photo's, scroll to the bottom and click on the Peachtree 2005 Event. This will bring up all of Peachtree's 2005 Event Ornaments plus images from their Patricia Breen Event. Who knows, there might even be photos of JustBreen Members you've meant.

    You can also find the same information in the "Save the Date" section. Click on "Search Events" and then on the event you'd like to see. Right now, Peachtree is the only one but worth a second look.

    And the third way to get the Retailer and Event info is by clicking on any ornament that is associated with a store or an event. By clicking on the ornament, the details of the ornament will appear. There may be one or two links on that page. If that ornament came from a certain store, there will be a link taking you to that Retailer's info. If the ornament came from a store event, then there will be a link to the Event with all event ornaments and event pictures.

    The Peachtree Place Retailer Page is not completely finished but we thought some members may be finding it and wanted everyone to watch this area grow. We will be contacting all current Patricia Breen Retailer's and encouraging them to participate in the JustBreen web site.

    Hope you enjoy the new Retailer and Event areas of the site and will tell all of your Breen collector friends about JustBreen. Remember, your comments are welcome in the Q and A area or you can always email us at:
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