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    What's News > NM St Louis announces their fall Breens
    NM St Louis announces their fall Breens
    - 07/02/2009
    St Louis will begin sending information on their fall Breens to those on their mailing list. If you would like to be included in the mailing list and are not already, please email them at To get additional information, please call Jamie Thurston on 314-994-5022 or one of his associates on 877-634-6260. Completed order forms can be mailed, faxed, or emailed. They must be received by close of business August 10. The lottery drawing will be held on August 12. They will NOT be having an event this year. In addition to the St Louis and NM exclusives, they will also carry a selection of Open Line pieces.

    NM # Full Description Retail

    99001 Arctic Swingtime $118.00
    99002 Callisto Claus (A) $190.00
    99004 Constantine Claus (A) $150.00
    99005 Constantine Claus (B) $150.00
    99006 Exquisite Santa $170.00
    99007 Guide Me (A) $150.00
    99008 Guide Me (B) $150.00
    99009 Guide Me (C) $150.00
    99010 Gstaad Ginergerboy $100.00
    99012 I Come Bearing Gifts (A) $160.00
    99014 I Come Bearing Gifts (C) $180.00
    99015 I Come Bearing Gifts (D) $180.00
    99016 Jansen Santa $170.00
    99017 Loving Spoonful $170.00
    99018 Majestic Orb (A) $245.00
    99020 Peppermint Masquerade $72.00
    99021 Please Write (A) $154.00
    99022 Please Write (B) $154.00
    99023 Please Write (C) $154.00
    99024 Season Premier $235.00
    99025 Season of Wonder (A) $170.00
    99027 Sweet Snowman $150.00
    99028 Tyrol Santa $165.00
    99029 Whose Woods are These? (A) $125.00
    99030 Whose Woods are These? (B) $145.00

    NM Custom Color Ornaments
    99032 Whose Woods are These? (D) $128.00
    99033 Guide Me (D) $160.00
    99034 I Come Bearing Gifts (E) $180.00
    99035 Loving Spoonful $170.00
    99036 Tyrol $175.00
    99037 Constantine Claus (C) $148.00
    99038 Sweet Snowman(B) $154.00
    99043 Olmstead Santa (A) $170.00
    99044 Olmstead Santa (B) $170.00
    99045 Norman Santa $192.00
    99046 Peppermint Masquerade (B) $72.00

    NM St Louis Exclusive Custom Color Ornaments
    99050 SL Constantine Claus $148.00

    Note: Not all NM stores carrying Breen will be offering the same pieces, so please review the order forms carefully.
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