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    What's News > NM Tysons Order Form and Event Letter
    NM Tysons Order Form and Event Letter
    - 07/11/2008
    Fall 2008

    Neiman Marcus is pleased to present the Patricia Breen Christmas 2008 Collection. The beauty of Patricia Breen?s hand painted glass is well-known and appreciated by collectors worldwide. Her timeless treasures make a wonderful gift and a priceless possession.

    Enclosed please find an order form for this season?s newest Patricia Breen collectible designs. Orders will be filled on a first come first serve basis. As you see, the Tysons exclusive ornament is not on the order form, but will be sold through a lottery system the day of the event.
    Please mail, fax, email, or hand deliver your order form to:

    Kim Dickey
    Neiman Marcus
    2255 International Drive
    McLean, Virginia 22102
    (F) 703-556-7844

    Once all orders have been filled, you will be notified via e-mail, if provided to us, or a phone call. We will be filling your orders and contacting you as soon as possible.

    Our breakfast will be held this year on Tuesday, September 30. The breakfast fee is $55 which can be paid with a Neiman Marcus credit card, an American Express credit card, or a check. A confirmation email will be sent to you for the breakfast once we receive your order form and your breakfast fee has been paid.

    If you have any questions, please feel free to give your sales associate or me a call. We look forward to receiving your orders for the new season!


    Kim Dickey
    Department Manager
    Gift Galleries
    Neiman Marcus
    Tysons Galleria

    "Neiman MarcusTysons Galleria" Fall 2008 Patricia Breen Order Form

    Home Phone
    Work Phone
    Billing Address
    Shipping Address
    Form of Payment
    (CircleOne) NM AmEx
    Account Number
    Exp CID#
    Are you planning on attending the event? Y N If so, how many will be in your party?

    NM # Full Description Retail


    82801 Amelia Island Santa $110.00
    82802 Arctic Circle Santa $100.00
    82823 Chameleon Icicle $96.00
    82803 Charming Claus $80.00
    82804 Charming Claus $80.00
    82824 Charming Claus (Gbrd) $80.00
    82825 Charming Claus $80.00
    82805 Crowning Glory $140.00
    82806 Crowning Glory $140.00
    82826 Crowning Glory $140.00
    82860 From the Studio $115.00
    82827 From the Studio $115.00
    82861 Frosty and Festive (Red) $120.00
    82809 Frosty and Festive (Blue) $120.00
    82862 Ginger Angel $78.00
    82811 Ginger Santa $76.00
    82828 Gingerbread Swing Time $140.00
    82829 Ginger Tree $78.00
    82812 Good Night to All $96.00
    82863 Hello Henry $100.00
    82814 Hop', said Donald $96.00
    82815 The Journey Begins $90.00
    82816 Luberon Beeskep $110.00
    82830 Majestic Santa $240.00
    82831 Majestic Santa $260.00
    82832 Majestic Santa $270.00
    82817 Provence Claus $130.00
    82833 Reindeer Masquerade $66.00
    82818 Seasoned with Love $84.00
    82819 Sweet Delivery $80.00
    82820 Tchaikovsky Santa $138.00
    82821 Tiny Ginger Girl $44.00
    82822 Tiny Ginger Boy $44.00
    82834 A Tree for Marc $130.00


    82835 The Journey Begins $98.00
    82836 Good night to All $100.00
    82837 Good night to All $100.00
    82838 Tchaikovsky Santa $138.00
    82839 Frosty and Festive $154.00
    82840 Miniature Steadfast Santa $104.00
    82841 Miniature Steadfast Santa $104.00
    82842 Miniature Steadfast Santa $104.00
    82843 Signet Santa $168.00
    82844 Signet Santa $168.00
    82845 Joyful Claus $168.00
    82845 Joyful Claus $168.00
    82845 Joyful Claus $168.00


    82849 Signet Santa $168.00
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