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    What's News > Curious about how the Milaegers exclusive, Santa for Eric got it's name??
    Curious about how the Milaegers exclusive, Santa for Eric got it's name??
    - 09/10/2007
    Milaegers has given us the history behind naming their lovely 2007 exclusive. Thank you Milaegers for taking the time to provide this information to JustBreen.


    In 1995, Patricia Breen created the first precious piece in the Milaeger Memories series of exclusive ornaments. Many of you have ?The Lighthouse Keeper?, designed in honor of my grandfather, Herman Erickson, keeper of four Great Lakes lighthouses, including Wind Point here in Racine.

    Since then, the Milaeger Memories ornaments have celebrated my grandfather, John Milaeger, my parents, Dan and Joan Milaeger, my brother Kevin, my husband Dan, and our daughter Kara. I also have my own ornament, the Kris Kringle series, dedicated to me so touchingly by my dearest Kara. Because we think of many of our employees as our extended family, we celebrated Elaine?your Milaeger?s connection to Patricia Breen ornaments?in our ten-year anniversary exclusive.

    This year, as we begin our second decade of exclusive Milaeger ornaments, I am especially pleased to echo that very first ornament honoring Herman Erickson by dedicating the 2007 series to my son Eric, who was named after his great grandfather. Very simply, Eric has always been larger than life. Entering the world at almost 10.5 lbs, Eric was off the medical charts as a child. Today, at 6?3?, he is still larger than most men, but it is his energy, enthusiasm, and endless amount of ideas that fill up a room whenever he?s in it. Eric is the personification of candles on a cake. As a young adult, he is an amazing Christian; he has an intense loyalty and love for everyone in his family; and he is totally enchanted by and in love with his beautiful wife, Mary Janice.

    Each year, I marvel at the wonderful pieces Patricia creates, and although we don?t have a prototype for you to view tonight, I can assure you that we are working on a spectacular collection of 2007 Santas for Eric. Eric owns every one of the Milaeger Memories ornaments, and it gives me great joy to add the Santas for Eric to that collection. But that is only one small gift in comparison to all the love and happiness he has given to me.

    When you purchase the Santas for Eric and you unwrap these precious pieces, I hope you are reminded of someone you love with all your heart, someone who is larger than life in your world. I?ll be thinking of my son, Eric.
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