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    What's News > The Elves NEW PROJECT - GlitterChat !!!!
    The Elves NEW PROJECT - GlitterChat !!!!
    - 03/01/2007
    After starting JustBreen, the Elves realized there was a need for JustBreen members to communicate amongst themselves and with us. Thus we started OrnaChat. Now a year later, JustBreen and Ornachat members are not totally satisfied and continue to ask for an Email Chat Group. We are thrilled to announce that we have taken the next step and created GlitterChat. This venture will not include Jeff. he has other priorities at the moment, including the new baby that will arrive in early September. So, the Elves - Marsha, Patty, Shawn and Deb - will be testing GlitterChat solo.

    Since we will not have Jeff's input on the new project, we'll be entering uncharted areas and are not sure what's in store for the members and us. We promise the ride will be interesting and hope that you join us. All collectors of Glass Ornaments are welcome.

    Since running GlitterChat will be new for the Elves, we have decided that membership for 2007 will be free to all that join. You will be asked to comply with very few guidelines at first and we will adjust them as the system is tested and see how our membership grows and reacts. GlitterChat is intended to be fun and informative for all members, polite and not punitive, and something that everyone looks forward to seeing in their inbox.

    We are asking that you limit your membership to one (1) email address for the time being during the testing process. If there is a need for a member to have a second email address, please contact me and for a minimal donation (several dollars) we will add a second address.

    Please read carefully the Guidelines below to understand how GlitterChat will operate. Infringements of these guidelines can result in the termination of your membership. Also, please note that the digest option is not available. Emails will be forwarded to you as they are received. If you do not want to receive emails directly and would rather browse our archives at your leisure, after you've signed up, email The Elves and ask for the No Mail option.

    If you'd like to become a GlitterChat member, please click on the link on JustBreen under More Breen Related Sites - it's right below Archived Today - or copy the URL and paste it into your browser to join online. If you have questions or trouble signing up, please email us at

    The Elves


    · GlitterChat is privately operated and membership does not include
    participation in setting any policies.
    · GlitterChat receives no compensation, commission or payment from any
    sales or trades made between members.
    · GlitterChat reserves the right to make changes to these guidelines at
    any time. All changes will be announced in a GlitterChat posting.
    . GlitterChat is open to and encourages chatter about all ornament
    linesand holiday decorating.
    · GlitterChat is not affiliated with any retailer or designer. Questions
    or comments to designers or retailers should not be posted to GlitterChat.
    · If you have questions at any time that you do not want shared with
    thelist, please email us at


    · Members may post ornaments for sale or trade on GlitterChat. The post
    should include a statement in bold face print that says something like,
    Please do not 'hit reply' to this post but respond privately by forwarding
    this message to (your email address).
    · Sellers and buyers of these ornaments are solely responsible for these
    · GlitterChat Elves will accept no responsibility and will not mediate
    any disputes between Sellers and Buyers.
    . If you're experiencing difficulties with a trade or sale:
    - Notify/advise the person who is not honoring their commitment
    that if the dispute isn't resolved you will be posting on
    - Notify the Elves that you are going to post about a dispute.
    Email them at
    - If the dispute is not resolved, publicly post that there has
    been an issue with a GC member and to receive details, members
    can contact you privately. Be sure to include your email address
    in the post. Information regarding the identity of the
    'offending' party IS NOT TO BE POSTED PUBLICLY.
    - If your efforts remain unsuccessful, notify the Elves.
    - If the Elves receive two reports about the same
    seller/buyer/trader, they will email that member asking for an
    explanation. If the Elves do not feel that the explanation is
    reasonable, the membership is subject to termination.
    . BE POLITE! If you decide that you will not complete a trade or sale,
    email/notify the parties involved. Everyone had the right to change
    their mind, but it's your responsibility to notify your
    selling/trading partner.
    · A seller may NOT start an auction on GlitterChat and sell to the
    highest bidder.
    . Advertising Ebay stores is not allowed on GlitterChat. If you're
    selling on Ebay, only personal Ebay ids can be included in your posts.
    · All transactions are to be conducted privately between members. Please
    do not reply directly to GlitterChat when responding to a sale or
    trade orproviding status on a sale or trade.
    · Members will be able to leave Feedback at the OrnaChat Forum that is
    currently in place. Please contact Deb,, if you
    need a name added to OrnaChat Feedback Forum. This should not be done
    on GlitterChat.


    · Photos and attachments are not allowed on GlitterChat. If you have
    images to share with JustBreen for the archives, send them to: or personally to any of the Elves.
    · To begin with, we will allow HTML formatted emails.
    · Jokes, chain emails, etc are not to be distributed through GlitterChat.


    · Please include your name, first name and last initial, at the end of
    your posts.
    . Please post a descriptive Subject line so that members will know what
    your post is about.
    · Off topic posts such as travel advice, favorite team chatter, etc will
    be allowed as long as the Subject starts with OT and includes a subject
    title describing what the post is about. This allows GlitterChat members
    to choose to read the post or not.
    · We expect that members will treat each other with respect when
    posting your comments to GlitterChat. Emails are easily misconstrued.
    Members are expected to communicate as you would when speaking to a guest
    in your home -- politely.
    · The use of profanity will not be allowed.
    · If you OOPS, please do not make a second post to say OOPS. We all
    understand that it happens occasionally.
    · GlitterChat will not tolerate negative comments or rumors about
    members, retailers, other chat groups or designers. Speak your peace in
    apolite manner, and let it go. If you need a dialogue with others, please
    do so privately.
    · Forwarding private emails or complaints about members of GlitterChat is
    not permitted.
    · Constructive comments about a transaction, individual ornament seller,
    or retailer are acceptable.
    · No ?venting? will be allowed on GlitterChat. We recognize that
    collecting can be frustrating and that purchases and trades can
    go?wrong?. If you have experienced a problem with a trade,
    purchase or sale, you can post the experience without naming the party or
    parties involved. Include your email address in your post and ask that
    members contact you privately if they want further details.
    · Infringements to the etiquette described above will result in a private
    email warning from the Elves. If this behavior continues you will receive
    a second email that your membership has been terminated.
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