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    What's News > NM St Louis Exclusives
    NM St Louis Exclusives
    - 02/23/2007
    February 22, 2007

    Happy Spring from Neiman Marcus - St. Louis! It is that time of year again and we are very excited to send you the order form for the Spring 2007 Patricia Breen collection!

    Listed below are the guidelines for our ordering system:

    1. In order to communicate more effectively and efficiently with everyone, we have an email mailing list so we can send updates and information as we receive it. If you would like to be included in the mailing list, please include your email address on the Spri ng order form or email me at

    2. Secondly, we will not charge ANY pieces before they arrive in the store. Information regarding pieces that are on back-order will be communicated to you so that you know what you will be receiving. We will charge the ornaments and send them to you as soon as they arrive.

    3. Please do not order any pieces you do not want charged and shipped to you. If you order pieces and they are allotted to you, they will be shipped to you.

    4. No two collectors may use the same charge account. Please contact us for an application if you would like to open a Neiman Marcus charge account.

    You can submit your order form via mail, fax (314-994-5041) or email and we will co llect them and then assign numbers by lottery.

    Please have your forms in by close of business on Friday, March 9, 2007, as we will draw numbers on Saturday, March 10, 2007.

    Thank you again for ordering Patricia Breen Designs from Neiman Marcus - St. Louis. Please contact me with any questions or concerns.


    Beth Wilburn
    Department Manager
    Gift Galleries

    Enclosures: Patricia Breen order form

    Neiman Marcus - St. Louis
    Spring 2007 Patr icia Breen Order Form
    Fax Number: 314-994-5041

    Date: Home Phone:

    Name: Email Address:

    Billing Address: Sales Associate:

    Form of Payment: (Circle One)
    Shipping Address: Account Number:
    Expiration Date (Amex):
    CID Number (Amex):

    Neiman Marcus - St. Louis Exclusives
    Style Name
    60018 SL Special Egg $90

    Neiman Marcus Exclusive Colorways
    Style Name
    60010 Pink Mini Egg $30
    60011 Blue Mini Egg $30
    60012 Medaln Boy Bunny $90
    60013 Medaln Girl Bunny $90
    60014 Henry Bunny $90
    60015 Special Egg $80.00
    60016 Delivered With Care $106.00

    Open Line Ornaments
    Style Name
    60001 Beeskeep for Lucy $96
    60002 Mini Egg Daisy $20
    60003 Mini Egg Boy $20
    60004 Mini Egg Girl $20
    60005 Mini Egg Forget-Me-Not $20
    60006 Mini Egg Cow/Moon $20
    60007 Song Bird Haven Spring $90
    60008 Bunny Masquerade $60
    60009 Petit Beeskeep $56

    Kristin Kozlowski
    Merchandise Coordinator
    Gift Galleries and Epicure
    Neiman Marcus-St. Louis
    Fax 314-994-5041
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