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    Patricia Breen Events

    Where? Gump's
    Date September 24, 2010

    Friday, September 24th 6:30 PM Ė 8:30 PM

    $110 Registration Fee / Limited reservations

    For reservation/registration call Gumpís Special Events at (415) 984 9250

    Major Credit Card needed for registration fee. (At evening event, cash, check, credit cards, Gumpís charge OK for purchases)

    There will be a minimum of 3 Event pieces available for purchase or special order (depending on quantities on hand)

    There will be a minimum of 1 exclusive coloration piece

    As always, each paid reservation will include a registration gift, a gift from the PB studio, and lots of fun drawings for special pieces.

    Details of exact pieces, colors, prices communicated when available.

    You must be present to purchase, place orders, participate in drawings and receive gifts. 
    Event Ornaments
    Beguiling Orb, Pagoda View, Jade
    Archived: 09/26/2010
    Care Package, Holly, Green
    Archived: 09/26/2010
    Chameleon Cake Topper, Snowflake
    Archived: 02/01/2011
    Geisha Snowman, Azure
    Archived: 10/12/2010
    Geisha Snowman, Jade
    Archived: 10/12/2010
    Objet du Noel, Pine, Cream
    Archived: 09/26/2010
    Petite Reflector, Blue
    Archived: 09/26/2010
    Santa for Mimi, Red, Chinoiserie
    Archived: 10/24/2010
    Stanhope Santa, Chinoiserie, Red
    Archived: 09/27/2010
    The Last Present, Red
    Archived: 09/27/2010
    Complimentary Ornaments
    Beguiling Orb, Poinsettia, Green Stripes
    Archived: 10/10/2010
    Beribboned Egg, Songbirds
    Archived: 10/10/2010
    Callisto Claus, Blue
    Archived: 09/27/2010
    Care Package, Treillage, Turquoise
    Archived: 10/19/2010
    Event Garland, Petite Reflectors, Blue
    Archived: 10/29/2010
    Hellebore Santa, Black
    Archived: 09/25/2010
    Kensington Claus, Cachette, Pine
    Archived: 10/13/2010
    Long Journey Home, White, Holly Lattice
    Archived: 10/10/2010
    Majestic Orb, Red, Stripe
    Archived: 11/21/2010
    Miniature Egg, Quimper Rooster
    Archived: 09/30/2010
    Monet Santa, Blue Trim
    Archived: 10/10/2010
    Stanhope Santa, Chinoiserie, Green, Version 1
    Archived: 10/27/2010

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    Gump's 2010 Breen Event Photo's
    Link to Drew Altizer Photography Website - Gump's 2010 Patricia Breen Cocktail Party
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