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    Patricia Breen Events

    Neiman Marcus - Houston
    Where? Neiman Marcus - Houston
    Date September 16, 2006
    Time September 16, 2006
    Event Details Fall 2006 - September 16, Breakfast Reservation - the fee for the breakfast is $ 60.00. In addition, there will be 4 exclusive ornaments available for purchase to those who attend the evetn. We will begin taking breadfast reservations immediately with a max. of 120 attendees. Once we have reached capacity, we will take names for a "wait list". Please reserve early because space is limited. Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact Melissa Lemos (dept. manager) or her assistant, Elizabeth Robles. 
    Event Ornaments
    Let's Decorate, Cherries
    Archived: 09/29/2006
    Let's Paint, Tiffany Blue
    Archived: 09/16/2006
    Once Again for James, Pearl
    Archived: 07/31/2008
    Once Again for James, Pearl, Glittered 'Squiggle'
    Archived: 07/31/2008
    Painterly Santa, Light Blue and Red
    Archived: 09/29/2006
    Swing Time, Yellow Roses
    Archived: 09/16/2006
    Tea Time Santa, Snowman
    Archived: 09/16/2006
    Complimentary Ornaments
    A Carrot For His Nose, Gingerbread and Peppermint
    Archived: 09/16/2006
    Iris Ball, Lilac and pearl
    Archived: 09/17/2006
    Let's Decorate, Bees
    Archived: 09/22/2006
    Lunar Ball, Cobalt and Silver, Version 1
    Archived: 09/16/2006
    Miniature Egg, Sugar Egg, Flowers, Poppies,White
    Archived: 09/17/2006
    Winter Sage, Gingerbread with Santa Faces
    Archived: 09/25/2006
    What happened?

    Sorry for the delay on the event blog, as I needed some downtime. I arrived on Friday at 7PM and the first thing I did was to head over to the Neiman Marcus store to check things out. When I got there, they had the 2007 pieces in the display cases. The Lindell Santa was in the case. This piece is superb!!! First, the balloon Santa is holding looks like a limoge box. It is done in the enamel paint and stands out from Santa?s body. Also, Santa has legs and feet! That?s right this piece is a superb mold with great detail. Santa is wearing a pair of brown boots, and has legs. I also got the low down on how the event was going to be handled, and it sounded like the store had things in order.

    Got up nice and early in the morning and headed over to Starbuck?s for a quick coffee. I arrived at the Galleria at 8:10 AM. A little early I think?.LOL I walked around the mall and passed the mall security person. I think he thought I was up to no good as I was looking at the mall kiosk map. He stopped further down and was watching me. I headed back to the store and caught up with Harvey, as he was getting a cup of coffee. We walked to the store together. But we were not first in line; Cody, Cody?s Mom and Joe were already standing there. It was such a pleasure to meet them all and have a chance to chat. I met Barbara R from glasslinks. Much to our surprise Neiman?s opened the door early at 8:30 AM. I have to say, that was very commendable to start the event a half hour early. We signed in and picked a number. My number #21. Yeah, the best number I have gotten thus far.
    Everyone was ushered to the Women?s shoe department for a coffee social. Patricia was here greeting everyone. It was quite the fashion statement as looking at shoes and conversing about ornaments was quite fun. Patricia was sitting with collectors on the couch chatting away. It was so relaxing and comforting like home, in a strange way. Teri, Billy & Jim E. told me about the ordeal having the airline lose their luggage. They had quite an experience shopping at the 24 hour Wal-mart and the hot tamale truck in the back of the parking lot. I met David A?s sister, Debbie, who was such a delight, and his nephew Ryan.

    We all went up to the second floor where tables were set up for breakfast. It was quite pleasant and the breakfast was very nice. A bit of Quiche with asparagus, fresh fruit, bacon, it was very good. Patricia spoke a bit and began selecting some of the complimentary ornaments. It was difficult to see what everyone was winning. Tim S. at our table won a Gingerboy clip-on.

    From here we were able to head down stairs to select the event ornaments. People crowded around to see the ornaments. We were able to select one ornament from each table on our first pass through. My picks: Let?s Decorate and Tea Time. It seems the other 2 ornaments, Painterly and Once Again for James, always sell out first though. The 3rd table contained the yellow roses Swing Time. I had my treasures in hand and headed over to the check out where Bette A from Neiman?s helped me. From this point we could then head over to the signing area. I had our Tea Time signed. Patricia handed out the gift from the studio, which was the turquoise paintbrush. From here we were able to pass through the event selection line again, and this time I received IOUs for my remaining 2 pieces.

    I started taking pictures of the CO?s and they were fabulous. My favorite was the Let?s Decorate Bees. The bee on the ball ornament was fantastic. It actually looked like a real bee had landed on the ornament. It was amazing. The artistic work on the ornaments on the piece was truly a work of art. Patricia announced the winner of the garland and Jim Johnson won for a second time this year. That is amazing and what are the odds. I want to thank Sharon J (great handbag), David M, and Billy P for pointing out all the CO winners as I was running around like a chicken with out my head. And Jo Elaine, it was very nice meeting you and no, I am not a stalker?.LOL

    Kudos to Neiman?s Houston for a great job well done. It was beyond what I was expecting. The team handled the event superbly and it was very well coordinated. Thank you.
    Welcome to NM Houston's morning coffee cafe in the Shoe Dept.  Harvey Filister, Patricia Breen in the background Welcome to NM Houston's morning coffee cafe in the Shoe Dept. Harvey Filister, Patricia Breen in the background
    Harvey Filister, Jim Elia Harvey Filister, Jim Elia
    Jo Elaine Waters, Barbara Ricketts Jo Elaine Waters, Barbara Ricketts
    Barbara Ricketts Barbara Ricketts
    Barbara Ricketts with her Complimentary Ornament - Let's Paint Barbara Ricketts with her Complimentary Ornament - Let's Paint
    Another winner, Jo Elaine Waters with her Complimentary Ornament - Lunar Ball Another winner, Jo Elaine Waters with her Complimentary Ornament - Lunar Ball
    Complimentary Ornament - Let's Decorate Bee winner was Bonnie App Complimentary Ornament - Let's Decorate Bee winner was Bonnie App
    Sharon Johnson Sharon Johnson
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