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    Patricia Breen Events

    Neiman Marcus - Boston
    Where? Neiman Marcus - Boston
    Date October 14, 2006
    Time October 14, 2006
    Event Details Neiman Marcus is proud to welcome renowed designer Patricia Breen to our Boston NM store
    on Saturday, October 14. We would like to thank you for your interest and would be happy to
    register you for this event.

    To start off this exciting day with Ms Breen, we will be hosting a special breakfast in her honor
    in the Gift Galleries on Level 1 at 8:30 am. The cost for this breakfast will be $40 per person.
    Guests shold enter through the mall entrance on the Dartmouth street level. Although not
    manatory to attend, the breakfast will be the perfect opportunity to meet Ms Breen and other
    collectors of her designs. It will also provide a chance to view the new colorations exclusive to the
    Boston event. Afterward Ms. Breen will be available to sign one purchased ornament per customer
    from 10am to 12:30 pm.

    Enclosed you will find a reservation form for the breakfast as well as an order form for the season's
    new and much anticipated Patricia Breen collectible designs. We will take orders via fax and will
    process them as they are received, with one order per customer until all are filled. You will receive
    a confirmation of your order and reservation prior to the event, as well as a numbered name tag
    which will insure your place in the autograph line. All numbers will be issued by lottery. In order to
    insure a smooth event, we are limiting the number of attendees to a maximum of 120 people. Once
    that number has been reached we will not be able to issue any more tickets.

    NM Boston will receive a special coloration of the ornament called Greetings of which is very limited and will be held for attendees of this event.

    If you have any questions please feel free to give me a call. We look forward to receiving your orders for the new season and welcoming you to our breakfast and signing.

    Seymour Shait
    Gift Galleries Manager
    Phone: 617-536-3660 Ext 2262
    Fax: 617-536-6483

    Number is 877 563-4626

    You can also call that number above and place your name on the list for the event as well. The NM Boston rep is Barbara. 
    Event Ornaments
    Greetings, Santa Skates!
    Archived: 10/14/2006
    Let's Decorate, Bees
    Archived: 10/31/2006
    Let's Paint, Electric Blue
    Archived: 10/25/2006
    Once Again for James, Platinum
    Archived: 10/30/2006
    Painterly Santa, Autumnal
    Archived: 10/25/2006
    Tea Time Santa, Dandelions
    Archived: 10/31/2006
    Complimentary Ornaments
    Classical Snowman, Blue Striped
    Archived: 10/16/2006
    Event Garland, Constellations, Black and Silver
    Archived: 10/16/2006
    Good Night, Henry, Black
    Archived: 10/14/2006
    Good Night, Henry, Gingerbread
    Archived: 10/16/2006
    Littlest Angel Medallion, Peach Blossoms
    Archived: 10/14/2006
    Reims Santa, Autumnal
    Archived: 10/25/2006

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    What happened?
    Friday: I worked half a day and headed over to the hospital to see my dad before Boaz and I left for Boston. Right before I was leaving the hospital, we found out my dad was going in for a procedure to have blood clot filters put in his leg as a preventative measure. I picked up Boaz and we began our journey to Boston. The phone rings, it is my older sister. She was worried about the procedure as the doctors told her it could be very risky. I turned to Boaz and said, ?let?s forget the trip.? As we were heading down the Garden State Parkway, my other younger sister called saying the procedure would be done by 8 PM. I told Boaz why don?t we go home and instead leave at 1:00 AM. This way I would be sure all went well with my dad. I took a nap at home and woke up at 10 PM, called my sister and my dad came through the procedure perfectly.

    At 1:30 AM, we began driving. Let me tell you, driving at that hour is worse than driving during rush hour. You have to be careful of everyone. We drank lots of coffee along the way. We were in Boston at 6 AM. We took a 1 hour nap in the car. Woke up and headed upstairs.

    Everyone was either outside Neiman?s or in Au Bon Pain. Maureen and Pete grabbed Boaz and away he went. I spotted CW and he stated Patty wasn?t going to be at the event because she was in so much pain the night before.
    We entered NM at 8:15 AM and picked numbers. I picked #15 and Boaz picked #34 or so. We headed over to the tables and checked out the event ornaments. The prize ornament was the Autumnal Painterly. It was done in an orange color. It looked good enough to eat. LOL Breakfast was a very nice sit down affair. We had a little quiche, fruit and sausage. The plates were wonderful. They were so nice Patricia even commented about the plates. We were all plotting on how we could get a full services set for 8 out of the store. LOL

    Patricia spoke for a bit, and the Seymour the department manager spoke. Patricia called out some winning prizes and another striped Classic Snowman was won but this time it was a different color pattern. We all picked our pieces and the lines were moving efficiently as the store had someone bring you to a check out.

    The signing as time went on sort of became first come first serve. At time things got hectic but all in all a nice event. The paintbrush was blue and was very nice. The garland was won by Cody W. and it was beautiful silver and black moon jeweled.

    To all my old and new friends, thank you so much for making these events fun for me. Thank you for asking about, caring about and praying for my dad. I have made many new friends and this experience has enlightened me as to the many different types of collectors there are. I know I enjoy information and live by it. I appreciate all the help people have given me. The kind and generous collectors who offered me extra pieces, ornaments I didn?t get. There are so many kind people out there. There are some bad seeds too, but the kind people shine in comparison.

    And Patricia, thank you for all you have done to make these events wonderful. Everyone appreciates the gifts from the studio and all of the complimentary ornaments. Thank you. Each and every day people make sacrifices, sometimes they go un-noticed, it may be someone?s job but also realize these are people and they have families, too. So, Patricia please give our thanks to Eric, your family and the artists in the studio for all the work and sacrifices they may have made to make these events a success.

    See you next year. Enjoy what you have today.
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