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    Patricia Breen Events

    Neiman Marcus - Tysons Corner
    Where? Neiman Marcus - Tysons Corner
    Date October 8, 2006
    Time October 8, 2006
    Event Details Contact Kimberly Dickey for PB Event information
    877 877-1849 
    Event Ornaments
    Let's Decorate, Autumnal
    Archived: 10/19/2006
    Let's Paint, Black
    Archived: 10/10/2006
    Once Again for James, Blue
    Archived: 10/23/2006
    Painterly Santa, Cherries
    Archived: 10/10/2006
    Tea Time Santa, Autumnal
    Archived: 10/11/2006
    Complimentary Ornaments
    Lighting the Tree, Christmas Icons, Blue
    Archived: 01/20/2008
    Studio Gift Ball, Merci
    Archived: 10/11/2006
    Tiny Ginger Boy, Tan
    Archived: 04/25/2009
    Winter Sage, Holly
    Archived: 10/17/2006
    What happened?
    Boaz and I got up early. We spent some time with our Kids letting them out, playing with them, etc. We have come to learn that in order for us to go away, we need to put their dog harnesses on the night before. As soon as they see it, they know they are going on a vacation to Miss Janet?s house. J We got out of the house at 9:30 AM Saturday and drove to Washington DC. While sitting in traffic in Delaware, I had some time to reflect about all the events and all the wonderful people I have met along the way. Usually a 20-minute ride, this time it took us 60 minutes to drive the 18 miles through Delaware.
    We arrived in Tyson around 3 and headed to Neiman?s. We inspected the trees and while searching, we found some wonderful pieces. We got a NM Greeting with Elves, and a pearl Telluride. I didn?t know what the pearl telluride was but when I saw it I grabbed it. I met Darlene and Jan while standing there and they too were wondering what was that ornament I just found. We chit chatted and it was nice to meet them both as Darlene, Jan and I have been emailing a trade since the Pawley?s event. We still have to work on it. LOL
    We went and checked in, and then went back to Neiman?s. Met up with Terri and Billy and we had dinner with them at Legal Seafood. We spotted Patricia eating there with a friend. I always feel awkward and usually do not like to disturb people, but Patricia called us over to say hi. We had some yummy food. It was funny as when we got there we were told the wait would be an hour and a half. Twenty minutes later, our buzzer was going off.

    The next day we arrived early. As we pulled up John A was arriving with his Mom, Phyllis and her friend Sandy. When Boaz was introduced to Sandy, she said, ?Boaz, wasn?t that the name of someone?s horse?. We all howled with laughter. Instead of an ornamule, I have an ornahorse?.
    We all were let in and we went upstairs where they had tables all set up. We sat with John A, Phyllis, Sandy, Sharon, Lenore and Karina from NC. We had a ball and Phyllis, John?s Mom, was telling us about her escapades on a cruise ship and the men she met. She told us about a dance contest she had one with a gentleman. Breakfast was a Polish fest. They had an egg and cheese soufflé, apple sausage, and pirogues.
    Patricia greeted the crowd and began calling out the complimentary ornaments. I won a wonderful Lighting the Tree (see it on Just Breen) with blue bejeweled collar and cuffs. It was beautiful. That seemed to be the prize win this time.
    We were able to each select our ornaments from groups of 2. Boaz picked 35 and I picked 115. UGH. This made it very challenging for an event as one of us was always in line, while the other was trying to check out. The pieces were more fall themed as we have been waiting for these pieces. My favorite was the Tea Time with gourds. The Tea Times seem to be the real artwork pieces.
    I also got an order from Tyson?s and it seemed they messed it up as I had 4 red Telluride?s in my bag and 2 Winter Sage NM Shopping Bags. The department manager came over and apologized for the mix up. I also got an extra pearl Telluride, which I gave to a friend who didn?t get one. One thing I am beginning to realize is, there are friends who help other friends and there are people who you may think are your friends but are more about helping themselves.
    I had my wonderful Lighting the Tree signed. Patricia was showing me that the lights are meant to be bent outwards all crazy, but to be careful with the gems as they could easily break off. This tip made the piece look even better and I can?t wait to decorate and see this wonderful piece on the front of the tree. The gift from the studio was a black artist brush and was wonderful, as we have all been waiting for the black version. J
    It was time to head back home and to go see the kids. It is hard being away from our kids, as we love them so. Pets are a wonderful. They are the only things in life to give you unconditional love.
    Mike Boro and Jim Elia Mike Boro and Jim Elia
    Jim and Marsha Jim and Marsha
    Michael Garrison deep in conversion. Michael Garrison deep in conversion.
    David rushes off  in the background and Ed McCarthy grins at the festivities. David rushes off in the background and Ed McCarthy grins at the festivities.
    Steve Glass, Jim Elia and Howard McCabe Steve Glass, Jim Elia and Howard McCabe
    Mary Jane and Steve enjoyed their time at the event. Mary Jane and Steve enjoyed their time at the event.
    David, Jason and Keith take time to pose for a picture. David, Jason and Keith take time to pose for a picture.
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