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    Patricia Breen Events

    Neiman Marcus - St. Louis
    Where? Neiman Marcus - St. Louis
    Date September 28, 2006
    Time September 28, 2006
    Event Details Neiman Marcus - St. Louis cordially invites you to join us on Thursday, September 28, 2006, to celebrate Patricia Breen's new collection

    Patricia Breen Event - NM St. Louis "Revel in the Season"
    Thursday, Sept. 28, 2006
    10:00 am Brunch - Zodiac Restaurant

    11:30 am - Distribution of Event Pieces, Christmas Glories - Patricia Breen will begin signing ornament immediately after.

    We will begin taking Brunch Reservations immediately with a maximum of 120 attendees. Please fax, mail, or email the enclosed form back as soon as possible so we can get your name on the list. We will call or email to confirm as we receive your reservation.

    We will not include an ornament in the cost of the brunch this year. The event will feature 4 more exclusive pieces available only to those who attend the signing.

    This year we are also offering our NM rate at the Frontenac Hilton next door to the Mall. The rate is $ 119.00 per night plus taxes. To make your reservations, call the hotel at (314 993-1100) and let them know you are attending an event at NM to get our rate. We encourage you to make your reservations in the next 30 days if possible as the Hilton is booking quickly that weekend due to other events in town.
    Elizabeth Wilburn 
    Event Ornaments
    Let's Decorate, Gingerbread
    Archived: 10/01/2006
    Let's Paint, Grey
    Archived: 09/29/2006
    Once Again for James, Fuchsia
    Archived: 09/29/2006
    Painterly Santa, Bees
    Archived: 09/30/2006
    Tea Time Santa, Strawberries
    Archived: 09/28/2006
    Complimentary Ornaments
    Daisy Egg
    Archived: 08/05/2009
    Dandelion Egg, Glittered, Version 2
    Archived: 04/08/2008
    Event Garland, Bunnies
    Archived: 09/29/2006
    Let's Decorate, Striped with Christmas Icons
    Archived: 09/29/2006
    Santa for Vona, Pink
    Archived: 09/29/2006
    What happened?
    St. Louis: We drove from Kansas City to St. Louis on Wednesday. It was a 4 hour ride, chatting about ornaments. Time flew by, spending time with friends is always enjoyable. Talking about the last event and what would St. Louis have in store for us. We arrived at 1 PM and headed right to Neiman Marcus. When we got there we were greeting by Gift Gallery manager extraordinaire Beth and Kristine and Leslie. They were all to kind to spend some time talking to us. We knew how busy they were but they still spent the time. I mentioned to Beth, ?How do you handle all of us crazy collectors?? She stated, ?You aren?t crazy, you are all passionate.? Perfect answer. We headed out to lunch and caught up with Keith F. in the mall. He was eating a piece of chocolate from a store favorite in the mall. We headed over and had some quality sweets. I needed it as I was having a sugar low.
    Later, we headed to another mall before picking up John Atkins that night at the airport. We spotted a wonderful 7 ½ foot white opalescent upside down pre-lit tree. Too bad it was only a display tree and not for sale. It was beautiful and our Breen ornaments would have looked fabulous on it. Time to search Google. We picked John up and headed for a bite to eat. We had a hard time finding in expensive food for the night near the hotel. About 4 miles away we found a wonderful Chinese food with homemade wonton soup.
    The event was to begin at 9:15 AM. We arrived at 9AM and no one was around. We began worrying if we were at the correct entrance. Sure enough people started trickling in. We entered the store and went up the escalator to the restaurant. We registered for the event and we were able to order the Lunar Swing Time exclusive. We enjoyed an individual quiche and a peppery sausage that was good. Some strange woman approached me with blonde hair acting as if I knew her forever. The look on my face must have been priceless. Then she announced who she was, it was Deb Meyer with her son Jeff, who created the JustBreen website. Leave it to me to be an embarrassment. The new St. Louis store manager greeted the crowd and Patricia talked for a bit. Then began complimentary ornaments from the studio give-away. The prize piece was a Let?s Decorate with red and white stripes. It was beautiful. A new collector won which is always nice. Barb C won a jeweled lavender spearman. This was the third of its kind but it was beautiful to see it again.
    We headed downstairs to begin selecting ornaments. I picked a number in the 30?s. I selected the Let?s Decorate gingerbread and the Painterly Santa bees on my first time through. I got IOUs for the Tea Time Strawberry (which I loved) and the Once Again for James magenta. I met Melissa Reel who has been outstanding with helping me. A brief history of superb customer service, my registration was lost when I first sent it in. Melissa went above and beyond to help me and I really appreciated that type of service. She helped me get a couple of the piece I missed out on my order form as it was also lost too. Thank you Melissa. In addition, Leslie and Kristine did an outstanding job moving the line for the event pieces and the system worked well for all. The registers were a bit slow, but heck with all that we were buying, that wasn?t a surprise. J
    The signing began and I had my Let?s Decorate in hand. I am enjoying getting this piece signed as it would be nice to have a complete collection of them signed by the end of the events. We received a artist brush in gray. John A. won the event garland of bunnies. It was beautiful. We said our good-byes and off we went.
    We hopped into the car and began our 5 hour trip to Chicago. Along the way we came up with names for each of us. We are now known as Trader John, Monty Hall and me (Julie Breen aka Julie McCoy from the Love Boat) Since, they felt I was the social director?LOL
    Meet the most popular guy at the NM St. Louis Event.  This is William, the winner of the Complimentary Ornament "Let's Decorate"  Striped w/Christmas Icons.  Everyone wanted to see this wonderful ornament. Meet the most popular guy at the NM St. Louis Event. This is William, the winner of the Complimentary Ornament "Let's Decorate" Striped w/Christmas Icons. Everyone wanted to see this wonderful ornament.
    Here's Bart Brown with his Complimentary Ornament, Tea Time Santa, Blue Bird. Here's Bart Brown with his Complimentary Ornament, Tea Time Santa, Blue Bird.
    The next winner of a Complimentary Ornament is Mike with his "Greetings" Snowman Santa. The next winner of a Complimentary Ornament is Mike with his "Greetings" Snowman Santa.
    Jeff Meyer and Carole Hayes Jeff Meyer and Carole Hayes
    Patty, Jim, Helen, and George Patty, Jim, Helen, and George
    Shawn and Harvey Shawn and Harvey
    Patty, Todd and Roger Patty, Todd and Roger
    Steve, Margaret, and John Steve, Margaret, and John
    Shawn and Jim Shawn and Jim
    Lynda and Rich Lynda and Rich
    Roger Laramee and Sharon Roger Laramee and Sharon
    Carol, Margie, and Bart Carol, Margie, and Bart
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