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    A Walk in the Woods
    Year: 2010     Holiday: Christmas     Shared by: Breenbaubles
    The Breen pinecone tree started when I found what I thought was the perfect pot back at a Christmas in July sale (which I think was probably leftover at the store from last year). So I bought it not knowing at all what kind of tree I was going to put in it at the time. I just knew that I wanted to have a small theme tree to show off all the new Breen pinecone ornaments. Patricia started quite a craze when she came out with the first--last year's Berkshire Santa!

    I'm really pleased with how this tree turned out and also that I "recycled" an old feather tree I had that I wasn't using anymore to make it. I think this is the very first feather tree I ever bought at least 25 years ago. It's a dark green and the feathers are wrapped a little looser and the branches are sparser than most feather trees I have and it gives it a bit of a "pine tree" look I think. I took all the branches and pulled them forward and slightly bent them up as a pine tree would grow to create a half-tree because where I wanted to put it in the upstairs hallway I don't have room for a round tree. I then cut off all the red berry tips and glued onto each tip ultra-mini pinecones sometimes adding a few extra pinecones to the branches or the tree trunk here and there. I also made the pinecone bead garlands on the tree. I found a shop on Etsy selling Czech glass pinecone beads and old stock glass garland beads and strung the garlands using cream, gold, green and copper beads. There are three garlands and each is slightly different. I think the garlands really add a lot to the tree. All of the Breen pinecone ornaments and the Aviary Finial trimmed with a sparkly green and brown metallic ribbon look great on the tree. I also added the mini reflectors in bronze and green, a few Inge Glas glittered pinecones in gold, copper and brown and some brown, green and copper Inge birds I had too. The pinecone sprays below and 'Christmas Is Here' finish it all off.

    By the way, you may not know this but according to the Inge ornament lore hang tag, the pinecone was among the very first figural blown glass ornament shapes created in Germany. And "due to their abundance in nature, pinecones have come to represent motherhood and fruitfulness. It's tradition to give pinecones as gifts to represent good wishes for a happy, healthy family."

    Good holiday wishes to all of you as well!
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