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    Peachtree Place
    - 11/23/2015
    Cullenwood Finial, Black and Blue Russian

    - 11/18/2015
    Exclusive Turquoise Collection

    - 11/11/2015
    Three Excluisves.....

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  • Art Institute of Chicago (82)
  • Bergdorf Goodman (107)
  • Bill Cornfield Gallery (20)
  • Borsheim's (30)
  • Boston Museum of Fine Arts (1)
  • Brostrom's (37)
  • Charlecote Antiques (18)
  • Christmas at Pawley's (85)
  • Christmas at the Zoo (596)
  • Christmas in Port (1)
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  • Christmas Shop and Island Gallery (2)
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  • Fenix, A Studio (2)
  • Follies (2)
  • Gump's (188)
  • Hall's (72)
  • Historical Christmas Barn (284)
  • Hoagland's of Greenwich (10)
  • Jolly Holiday Gifts (1)
  • King's Mills General Store (2)
  • Kristmas Kringle Shop (26)
  • Letitia Lundeen Antiques (2)
  • Lowe Art Museum (29)
  • Merry Christmas Tree (1)
  • Milaeger's (323)
  • Neiman Marcus - Atlanta (26)
  • Neiman Marcus - Boston (30)
  • Neiman Marcus - Dallas (5)
  • Neiman Marcus - Houston (38)
  • Neiman Marcus - Oakbrook (3)
  • Neiman Marcus - Online/Catalog (481)
  • Neiman Marcus - Plano/Willowbend (27)
  • Neiman Marcus - San Antonio (1)
  • Neiman Marcus - San Francisco (4)
  • Neiman Marcus - Scottsdale (10)
  • Neiman Marcus - Selected Retailer (183)
  • Neiman Marcus - St. Louis (158)
  • Neiman Marcus - Tampa (49)
  • Neiman Marcus - Tysons Corner (110)
  • Nordstrom's (61)
  • Nordstrom's - Pentagon City (13)
  • Nordstrom's - San Jose (7)
  • Nordstrom's - Tysons Corner (8)
  • Other (3)
  • Peachtree Place (271)
  • Preservation Society of Newport (5)
  • Raphael's Magnificent Possessions (2)
  • Simple Pleasures (1)
  • Small World Antiques (9)
  • St. Louis Art Museum (2)
  • Stacey Leuliette Gracious Living (11)
  • The Christmas Cottage (2)
  • The Christmas Shop - Savannah (58)
  • The Christmas Tree (78)
  • The Silver Skate (17)
  • Wakefield Scearce Galleries (9)
  • Whitehall at the Villa (5)
  • Wm. Andrews (185)
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    What is is a website dedicated to archiving the magnificent ornaments that the Patricia Breen Designs company has created over the years. is managed by collectors, for collectors. There are a small handful of "Trusted Members" that manage the content of this site based upon the content that all members provide. will grow and expand for months to come. More functionality will be continually added based upon your suggestions for improvement.
    Why has been created?
    This archive is the first of many to come. The creators of (Nucite Solutions) hope to create a standard that most collectible lines will follow. Once we are satisfied with the way this site works we will be duplicating it for other collectible lines. Patricia Breen Ornaments offer a unique collecting experience that we hope will provide a solid foundation for our ultimate goal.
    Is there a charge to become a member?
    Absolutely not! Membership is 100% free. Since this website is in a development phase, we need as many users as we can get. We need YOUR feedback!
    What are the advantages of becoming a member?
    Anyone can browse through the archives found here. However, a member can add any of the items in the archives to their personal collection. This "online collection" is meant to mirror the member's actual (physical) collection. A member can also add any of the archived ornaments to their "Wishlist." As confusing as it may sound, it is actually quite a simple concept for anyone that uses it.
    Is associated with Patricia Breen Designs?
    No. is not a property of Patricia Breen Designs. We only seek to aid the Patricia Breen collector to better manage their collection.
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